Sex Criminals: Or Sex is complicated. Especially when it causes you to freeze time.

Sex Criminals, Volume 1 - Chip Zdarsky, Matt Fraction

This title is absolutely for mature audiences. [But if you didn't get that from the title and cover, then the premise of people freezing time when they have sex should have clued you in.] I, being an adult, thought it was hilarious and brilliant. The writing is as irreverent as it is honest. There were times I found myself cringing, but I was also usually laughing at the same time. These are stories about coming of age and coming to terms with sexuality. Fraction taps into the absurdity of the human sexual experience and makes it all very relatable. After all, we all have our own tales of sexual discovery, except ours don't involve freezing time. (Right? Right.) On top of some great writing, the art style is fantastic. It has a 70s disco quality that really adds to the dreamy feel of the work as a whole. The use of color alone is worth all the praise this title is receiving. In summary: if the topic of sex makes you uncomfortable you'll want to give this one a pass, but if you've ever traded funny sex stories with a friend this will likely have you laughing out loud.