House of Deer

House of Deer - Sasha Steensen

This collection almost reads like a thought experiment. It is an exploration very much rooted in time (this varies, but touches on the 70s often) as well as place (Ohio). It conjured my own memories of growing up in Ohio in the late 70s and early 80s. In fact, it captured that feeling so clearly I could smell the humidity and feel the damp earth under my feet. Most of the poems are very naturalistic and language based. There is a great deal of repetition employed (to good effect) as well as experimentation with spaces (or lack thereof). My favorite part of the book, The Girl & the Deer, employed a different voice and was a departure from the structure of the rest of the book, though not the tone. It reminded me of Craig Morgan Teicher's tales in Cradle Book. Overall a nice collection.