Allegiant: Or Diverging from Divergence

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

Since this book was released it has received a lot of negative reviews, so when I started it I wasn't expecting greatness. I'm sorry to say that even with my expectations lowered I was still disappointed. I feel like Roth lost her focus on her last installment. While the previous two books focus on the factions and the city, this one moves away just as revolution starts to unfold. The result is missed opportunities, and a meandering new set of people and problems that never quite feel as compelling as what was left behind. Perhaps the strangest thing about this book is how dull it felt. Long sections are devoted to the romantic tension, which just feels tired at this point in the series. Even at the dramatic climax I couldn't quite connect emotionally, which is a shame. I found this to be a lackluster finish to the trilogy, and anticipate it leaving a lot of fans displeased.