Jack Glass: Or the strange case of the sci-fi that became a mystery

Jack Glass - Adam Roberts

This book vexed me. The first section (of three) I was absolutely gripped. The set-up was intriguing and I couldn't put it down. And then the damnedest thing happened - the book switched from being a dark and gritty sci-fi into a quaint, somewhat cozy, mystery. Even the POV character shifted, in this case from a ruthless killer into a clueless teenage girl. The tonal shift was so jarring I never really recovered. While I did manage to drag my way through the remainder of the story I was never able to connect or invest in it after the genre switch. I will admit that gentry mysteries hold no appeal to me, so that was likely part of my disinterest. Still, even more damning was the ending, which I felt broke the character of Jack as well as rushing past some more interesting things and dropping still others. All in all I felt like this book squandered far too many opportunities. Such a shame considering how much I loved the first 90 pages, and the strength of the writing.