Into the Still Blue - The final chapter in a favorite trilogy

Into the Still Blue - Veronica Rossi

Veronica Rossi, you lovely brilliant creature, thank you for this series. I read a lot of teen lit, and this trilogy ranks at the top of my list. The believable characters that I genuinely care about, and a world that feels real, are both treasures in the genre. To say nothing about the fact that the leading female character is actually strong and capable.

This final installment was a bit more plot heavy than the previous two, but the character development didn't suffer. I hurt when they did, and I cheered when they overcame adversity. I was never certain how things would shake out because Rossi is one of those authors that takes risks. I won't spoil the end by telling you whether it resolves happily or not, but I will say that the final act felt right and left me satisfied. I'm looking forward to seeing what form Rossi's next project takes.