Snowblind: Or Interesting Ideas Eclipsed By Giant Cast of Dull Characters

Snowblind - Christopher Golden

I read an ARC of this book last December, and I wanted to wait to post my review until closer to the release date (which is next week). Now that some time has passed I fear my review may be more harsh than it might have been had I written it straight away - time only helped underline my issues with this book.


The biggest problem is that there are far too many characters, making the focus of the book somewhat sprawling. Most of the characters blend together and read the same. The voices and personalities don't feel distinct (in fact some of the characters were hard to tell apart), and they come off as a cast of flat people with various boring problems. The failing marriage. The financial troubles. The rookie mistake in the past. And I won't even go into details on the large time jump, and the problems that stirs up. All of that might have been forgivable, but unfortunately the main focus of the book is on the cast and not on the supernatural scary elements. The blurb on the jacket leads one to believe this is a good scary winter book, but it's really more of a book about poorly fleshed out dysfunctional people. There were a couple scenes that have stuck with me as creepy, which makes the book's failure to deliver all the more disappointing. All in all I didn't find this the tough biting winter chill I hoped for - it was more of a slushy walk through small town America.