A Field Guide to Getting Lost

A Field Guide to Getting Lost - Rebecca Solnit

This book is an interesting blend of memoir, history, philosophy, nature writing, and poetics. Parts of this book were a solid 5 stars for me, while there were other parts I couldn't connect to (which was okay). The overall theme is one of being lost, not just in physical space but also within one's self. It is a book about surrender and loss. Overall it's a good book for waking up your brain.


My favorite chapters/essays were:
Open Door, which frames the collection.
The first section talking about the Blue of Distance in art.
Abandon, which touched on music, urban decay, and her friend Marine.
Two Arrowheads, which is large part about the desert
And the final chapter, One-Story Home, which talks about animals (turtles especially) and a sense of home.