Mona Lisa Blooming

Mona Lisa Blossoming - Sunny

I picked this up because I needed something to read at work, and it looked like a swift mind-candy urban fantasy. Awkward... Let's be clear: this is porn. I have nothing against porn (in book form). In fact, if you're looking for good smut this will likely fit the bill. It is about one third sex, one third ZOMG Crisis!, and one third odd transitions between the two. To me it read as straight up Anita Blake fanfic. It was sort of weird actually. I kept waiting for characters from that series to show up. The voice, pacing, characters...all of it, really, was so straight up Laurel K. Hamilton it actually made me sort of miss that series. So if you want to read something super steamy and you dig LKH this will make you happy. If you want more story than sex, don't go here.