The Writing Diet

The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size - Julia Cameron

There is a lot of good advice in here, and I really appreciated the gentle approach to weight loss. This is about changing your relationship with food, and ultimately yourself. This isn't a crash diet to make you super thin super fast. This is more about finding perspective and balance. As a newbie in the health world I do wish there had been a more in depth look at what sorts of foods were "good", or a list of practical substitutes (Other than Jell-o. The woman loves her Jell-o.). Things like: if I give up the fries for the mashed potatoes is that really a measurable improvement? I'm not following this book to the letter, but I feel like it has helped me. Two weeks in I'm down a pound and a half, so something is working.

EDIT: After five months I was able to lose 18 pounds. And that's without any trips to the gym or giving up pizza. So take that for what it's worth.