White Horse

White Horse: A Novel - Alex Adams

This book... This book gets the coveted 5 star rating from me. This book is that good. And this book positively infuriates me that it is not more popular.

I knew this book had the potential to rock my world when I found out it was a post-apocalyptic tale with heavy Greek allusions. Right up my alley. What I didn't expect was for it to scare the pants off of me. Adams' writing style is metaphor heavy, interesting, and engaging. Her style really resonated with me, which was part of why this is one of the most run-screaming-into-the-dark Terrifying books I've ever read. She taps into a very visceral and also feminine terror. This is a book written by a woman, about a woman, and taps into the female fear base with striking efficacy. I was transported to the end of the world with this book. I could taste it. I could feel it. And yet I couldn't stop reading.

Kudos Alex. You inspire me.