Tricked - Kevin Hearne

I had the good fortune to hang out with Kevin back when he was touring for his first two books last year. And let me just say that he is awesome. Easily one of my favorite authors I've met. So it makes me really happy that his series is finding traction. 

If Harry Dresden has been on a bit of a downswing for me recently then Atticus & Oberon have certainly been on an upswing. In this book they are hanging out in the desert doing a favor for Coyote. I was happy to see the series come back down to Earth and deal with more human problems after spending the last book in the realm of the gods. I'm a sucker for Native American folklore, and Coyote is always interesting. It was also fun reading this so soon after reading River Marked by Patricia Briggs, which has similar themes. This might just be my favorite in the series so far. Looking forward to Trapped.