The Black Isle

The Black Isle - Sandi Tan

I've been trying to decide, for about a week now, whether or not I wanted to set this book down. Usually if I make it past the halfway point I stubbornly push on to the end. It becomes a matter of stubbornness. While the writing is good, and I'm sure fans of historical fiction would appreciate the atmosphere, it hasn't been able to suck me in. I was craving a ghost story, which is what the book jacket claims this is, but really this reads more like gloomy historical fiction. And so I stayed on the fence about whether to keep reading: not really my bag, but not so bad I felt the need to put it down.

I could get past the weird incestuous section. And even the octopus scene. And then I got to a scene where a guy raped a girl with an eel. Sorry Book, we're done.

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+1 star for being competently written.