Fiend: Or the world's scariest anti-drug PSA...with zombies!

Fiend - Peter Stenson

I think I was expecting this book to be more like meth addicts versus zombies, and I suppose it is to a degree. The zombies are creepy as hell, and you get many of the usual zombie fic tropes. The story, as a whole however, is much more about addicts versus themselves, addiction, and other addicts. The English major in me was analyzing the hell out of this one, but I'll spare you the essay. I will say that this book traces the addict's journey, both psychologically and physically, from casual suburban tweaker to hardcore junkie, and it's even more raw and heartbreaking than that sounds (if you can believe it). This book is harsh, ugly, and grotesque. It's also well written, fast paced, and astute. It isn't going to be for everyone, and that's okay. The really tough to stomach stuff is rarely crowd pleasing. That said, I for one am glad I read it, even if the journey did leave me feeling like I had been punched in the gut - it will be a story I carry with me for a long time.