Network Effect - Murderbot Diaries #5

Network Effect - Martha Wells

What can I say about Murderbot that hasn’t been said already? This series is quite possibly one of the best things being published in the science fiction genre right now. Who would have guessed that a Murderbot would be one of the most relatable and human characters I’ve read in years? This is good crunchy sci-fi except it also has lots of heart and humor.


I don't want to give anything away so I'll be very brief. This is the content you've come to expect and love from the novellas, except more of it. There are some old friends and some new. Plenty of problems interfering with Murderbot's Sanctuary Moon viewing agenda, and even some juicy character growth. Word to the wise: this builds on the novellas, so don't start here. This isn't a standalone - this is book five in a series. And if you're not already reading Murderbot then you should remedy that immediately. And if you are, well, you are in for a treat this May.