Affliction: Anita Blake #twenty-whatever

Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton

Look, it was bad. I knew it was going to be bad. No surprises here.

Plenty of Edward.
Also Nathaniel if you're into that. (And Micah too I guess.)
Zombies aplenty!
A couple great actions scenes.

Terrible writing. But we knew that, yeah?
Still too many side characters I do not give a fuck about.
Most of the book is hanging out in the hospital and brooding about relationships. Seriously, most of the book takes place in the hospital. There's even a hospital shower scene (big no to that). So yeah, if you don't wanna read a book set in the hospital skip this one.
Were-hyena level up. I guess? Because why not?

Look, at this point I read it for the nostalgia points. I did this to myself.