Hunger Makes the Wolf

Hunger Makes the Wolf - Alex Wells

This is a tough book to rate - I'm rounding down because the pacing dragged a bit for my tastes. This is a very fun space western, and I admit I have a weakness for that particular blend. The world building was interesting if not terribly in-depth. The magic was subtle but enjoyable. And I appreciated how the bulk of the plot and world building centered around the plight of the "little guy" versus an exploitative mega-corporation. The Weatherman was a nice dash of creepy. The Bone Collector was my favorite part (surprise surprise). The book dragged a bit for me in part because I was continually more interested in the side characters than the main characters, that's probably a me problem though. (I am very put out about one person in particular being lost to the desert. That hurt my feelings.) All in all this was a fun romp, and while I'm curious to see what happens down the road I was satisfied with how well this book stood on its own.