The Honey Month

The Honey Month - Amal El-Mohtar, Oliver Hunter

I was so delighted by This is How You Lose the Time War I simply had to get my hands on more writing from Amal El-Mohtar, hence me snapping up this book and starting it straight away despite a looming TBR pile. This is an interesting little writing exercise, part poetry and part flash fiction. El-Mohtar samples a different honey every day and then writes an accompanying piece. Offerings range widely in form and style, but all are exceptionally well crafted. Many of the pieces flirt with magical realism, and most of them have sensuality at their core (not sexual per se, but absolutely rooted in the senses). It was a perfect palette cleanser between books, that rare volume that can cure a book hangover when nothing else will do. I appreciated it enormously and look forward to more of El-Mohtar's writing in the years to come.