Your Soul is a River

Your Soul is a River - Nikita Gill

I want to press this book into the hands of everyone who has a broken heart, everyone struggling to figure themselves out, everyone who feels like a failure or lesser, everyone who has been through a terrible loss, especially a break-up. You know how there are never good words for times like those? How everything sounds hollow, trite, or cliche? These are the words you struggle to find in times like those. This is a lovely book of sage perspectives and observations about the heart, how it breaks, and how it mends. This book is like a compassionate friend sitting by your side, seeing you, and telling you there is light. Caveat: Super technical and lyrical poetry this is not, but that's not really what this book is doing. The craft of this poetry is very sparse, and at times repetitive, but I took that to be its intended function. If you're looking for dense and lush this will not be your bag. If you want conversational and minimalist this will strike a chord.