Deer Woman: An Anthology

Deer Woman - Elizabeth LaPensée, Weshoyot Alvitre

Rating anthologies is difficult - there are almost always going to be some pieces that stand out ahead of the crowd, and some that fall a little flat. Overall, however, this was a really good collection. This anthology collects stories from a wide range of indigenous authors and illustrators (I think all women, but I don't want to assume). These stories center around the Deer Woman, and by extension the abuse that many indigenous people, especially women, face. This book is a gut punch, but it's well worth reading. The art styles are all so different, but they compliment the stories being told. The stories themselves range from brief to detailed, raw to meditative, plain spoken to lyrical. Each different but unified in theme. I'm really glad Rebecca Roanhorse put this on my radar, and that a friend tracked it down at a comic convention. If you can get your hands on it you should absolutely do so.