She/He/They/Me: For the Sisters, Misters, and Binary Resisters - Robyn Ryle

This was so wildly disappointing. Given the title and cover design I was expecting a book that explores numerous different gender expressions and experiences. What I got was an extremely binary book. I took a few different paths and discovered, to great disappointment, that the bulk of the book focuses on very binary experiences. It seems designed for cisgender stories. If you try to follow a genderqueer path good luck. There is a branch where you have to pick either acceptance or rejection from your family at a young age. If you pick rejection the rest of the branch reads as cis. If you pick acceptance and are nonbinary you get a page at best, then proceed down the same path. Even if you take a trans branch the later sections overlap with the cis ones. It's really frustrating.

Here's the thing: there's a lot of good info in this book for those who are new to ideas of gender and feminism. It's a decent primer for people who are not familiar with these concepts at all. However, if you're well versed in gender, or a member of the queer community, the odds are good you will find this book off-putting or alienating. After interacting with this book for several hours I really want someone to write the book I thought this would be when I picked it up. I'm glad I borrowed this one and didn't buy it.