Aurora Rising (Aurora Cycle #1)

Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle #1) - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

First and foremost a lot of people have asked whether this has a similar layout and structure as the Illuminae Files. No. No, it doesn't. Just standard prose with alternating POV chapters. So do with that what you will. Moving on...


This book just made me happy. I was only a handful of pages in before I realized I was grinning. I forgot just what a delight Kaufman and Kristoff are when they write together. The writing is snappy, funny, full of All The Feels, and has plenty of interesting sci-fi ideas and neat spins. It's just plain fun to read.


This book offers up some of my favorite things, so I was pretty much predisposed to love it. Yet it did not disappoint. It focuses on a group of mismatched broken rejects, which you know in your heart of hearts will end up becoming a found family by the end (sorry, I don't consider that a spoiler), which is catnip for me. There is a heist. There are feats of derring-do. There is budding romance. And there is even a creepy element, which shouldn't have surprised me given what goes down in the Illuminae Files, but I was delightfully surprised to uncover as the book progressed.


This book had the pacing, characterization, and content I want out of my teen reads. It kept me turning pages well into the night and was a blast to read. I am absolutely pre-ordering the next in the series and I'm sure I'll gobble it up as well. Kaufman & Kristoff have more than proved themselves to me at this point. High literature? Nah. A damn good time? Absolutely.