Storm of Locusts (Sixth World #2)

Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World #2) - Rebecca Roanhorse

In my opinion this is one of those rare unicorns: the sophomore sequel that's better than the first in the series. If you've read Trail of Lightning you already have an idea of what to expect. Roanhorse remains a master at world building, and her characters are complex and multi-layered. This book builds on that, and I think also improves on the first. The pacing is better and I actually enjoyed Maggie more in this book, and felt like she had more depth. I also applaud Roanhorse for writing a teenage character that managed to feel authentically youthful and rebellious, but I didn't want to smack. Quite the trick.


Of course one of the core concepts that stole my heart was the lady's road trip from hell. It's right on the cover in full shiny glory. I mean, hell yes to that. But wait, there's more! This book also has creepy locust people. And magic. And post-apocalyptic wasteland dwellers. And leveling up, both in powers and in self-growth. And a super epic lightning sword. And mysterious Gods that may or may not have your best interests in mind. And pages and pages about learning to trust and be softer when life has taught you to be hard. And found families. And all around badassery. Just yes to this book. If you aren't reading Roanhorse already, and you like urban fantasy, or just fantasy in general, then get your butt in gear and pick this series up.