In An Absent Dream

In an Absent Dream - Seanan McGuire

McGuire's Wayward Children books have become one of the things I look forward to the most every winter. The way she transports me through the looking glass time and again is something to be treasured. Portal fiction at it's finest.


This installation gives us the story of Lundy, a character who meets a grim ending in the first book of the series. While I didn't particularly feel like Lundy's story was something I needed filled in, and I want to know what's happening with the other wayward children moving forward in time, I did enjoy this book. The goblin market captured my imagination, and there were some really interesting ethical threads McGuire tugs on in this story. This was a world of rules, in stark contrast to the world of nonsense you visit in the previous book. It was well constructed, intriguing, and continues to stick in my mind well after finishing the book. And Lundy herself is as interesting as she is tragic, and the lessons she learns are difficult ones.


If you love this series as much as I do this book will not disappoint. Keep them coming, Seanan McGuire. I will happily read these year after year until I'm old and withered.