Kiss the Dead: Anita Blake many of these are there?

Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #21) - Laurell K. Hamilton

This book is really weirdly structured. The first half is Anita working a vampire execution case. Just her and RPIT putting bullets in vampires and talking. That's it. The second half is her going home and ruminating on her love life and having lots of sex. Then, jarringly, there is a life threatening conflict in the last few pages that springs up and is resolved eye-blindingly fast. I guess because...story arc? Climax? Danger? I don't really know.


The writing remains cringeworthy in that everything is repeated and repeated and repeated again and again to the point where it's like a bingo game. It was nice to see Zerbrowski, I guess. I remain completely uninterested in her newest feline lovers, and even squicked out if I'm honest. (Oh cool. A teenager and a sociopath. Gross.) It was interesting that this book seems to portray Anita as a bit softer and more comfortable with herself. We'll see what that might mean (if anything). I can tell this book was trying, but it still missed the mark by a mile. As always, I read these so you don't have to.