Hit List: Anita Blake #1,000,020

Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton

What happened in this book? I mean, I know something did, but it eludes me for the most part. I think maybe there was an epic showdown that unfolded over the course of two pages at the end, but I might be wrong.


On the good side: This book actually has some decent action scenes. There is an entire sequence that unfolds out in the woods that's pretty good, for example. It's also chock full of Edward, which is great. Yay Edward. (Though I worry she might ruin him.) It's low on melodrama. Anita only adds one man to her harem, and other than that the relationship drama takes a backseat.


On the downside: I missed some of the other side characters. I'm very very tired of Olaf drama (just kill him for shit's sake!). Anita/Hamilton continues to repeat herself to the point of being absurd and downright frustrating. The book is badly written. Also, stop talking about how men and women are fundamentally different, especially because women always come out looking crappy. Just stop.


All in all this wasn't that bad. As far as late series Blake books go this one's decent. Though, again, the plot is really just a sidetone to get Edward and Anita out hunting stuff. As always, dear friends, I'm reading these so you do not have to.