Six Wakes: A locked door mystery in space, where no one (including the murderer) knows whodunit

Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty

I love the idea of a locked door mystery in space, where no one knows whether or not they are the murderer. I love stories about cloning, and how that influences a culture and morality. I love weird weird near-science speculation, like 3D printing an entire pig. I dig stories with amnesia, and paranoia, and unreliable narrators. I quite like page turners. So all that said this book checked a lot of boxes for me. The pacing was fast, the story quirky, and the world building, while lightly drawn, interesting. I really enjoyed reading this book.


There is a flip side to this book though in that I don't think it is particularly well written. The characters all have a core background schtick, and that stands in for a personality. The dialogue is pretty cringe worthy. The pacing is a bit uneven, and certain twists or turns are either poorly explained, or don't track well with previous information. Also: Bad science? You betcha! There are even numerous typos and grammar errors, which I don't expect to run into at such volume in a finished book. It honestly felt like it needed more editing and a tighter re-write.


Luckily, this is one of those books that hit me at the right time and in the right mood, so I was willing to let a lot of things slide that might have ordinarily driven me nuts. I was having enough fun that I could forgive the flaws and just enjoy the ride. Sitting with the book some time later those flaws start to stand out a bit more, which is why I can't give it a higher rating. If you're looking for fun pulpy sci-fi this one fits the bill and should keep you entertained. If you're looking for stunning prose or deep philosophical explorations this one will likely miss the mark.