Sunstone TP Volume 1 - Stjepan Sejic

I've been a fan of Sejic's art for a few years now, which was what drew me to this title. I love the way he can show so much personality and expression, as well as his excellent coloring abilities. Sunstone is gorgeous, and the characters come to life through Sejic's skillful art. Every panel is a delight. The writing, however, was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I liked the story and characters, as well as the message that BDSM is just another nerdy culture and nothing to be demonized. On the flip side, sentence to sentence, the actual writing was somewhat repetitive and stilted. I'm hoping it will improve as the series continues. I plan to read the next volume as I want to support Sejic, and his art more than makes up for any weaknesses in the writing.