A Gathering of Shadows: Or, the best magical tournament since the triwizard cup

A Gathering of Shadows - V.E. Schwab

This book gave me All The Feelings. I should start by saying it is a rarity when I love a second book in a series just as much as the first, but Schwab is a gem of an author, so I should not have been surprised. All of the things I loved about A Darker Shade of Magic are here, plus lots of fun new additions. This book is resplendent with: grand adventure, worlds I want to get lost in, characters to swoon over, an epic magical tournament, hidden identities and secrets, princes, pirates, and thieves all clashing together, and lots and lots of magic. And, oh yeah, the mother of all cliffhangers (which I will eventually forgive you for, Ms. Schwab...as soon as I can read the next book). This book gave me a wicked book hangover, and weeks later I find myself still daydreaming of parallel Londons and characters that have stolen my heart. I cannot wait for more.