The Haiku Anthology

This is a nice all around haiku (and senryu) collection. If you want to dig deep into an emotional core haiku is not the place to do it. Haiku is more centered on bringing a particular feeling, sensation, or observation into sharp relief for a flash of a moment. It's the ah-ha moment of poetry, but it does not linger, nor is this collection particularly designed to encourage lingering as it is organized by poet rather than subject as you might find in some collections. You read a poem, feel something (or don't), and move on. By its nature haiku is bite-sized, not a full meal - and like most tiny treats if you try to enjoy too many in one sitting they quickly lose their appeal. This is a book to read in small chunks over time.

I was pleased to discover there are plenty of contemporary poets and subject matters in this collection, as well as an abundance of the more traditional natural themes. I'm particularly glad I decided to read this in the winter time as many of the poems helped me focus on the beauty of the season (instead of just the cold - I'm not a winter person). There are several poets featured, and as with any anthology my enjoyment waxed and waned depending on whose voice was being featured. All in all this was a nice way to pass the time with my morning cup of tea over a few weeks. If you want to explore haiku/short form poetry, and fine tune your senses, then you may want to give this collection a try.