Reached - Ally Condie

Every time I dive into one of Ally Condie's books I'm struck by her use of poetry and color. She pulls so much art into her writing that I find myself changed for the duration of my reading, much in the same way that I am when I am in the midst of reading/writing a lot of poetry - things are just more distinct and lovely. This book is no exception. This is the final installation in her trilogy and if you've already read the first two you have an idea of what to expect (and if you haven't then go read Matched). This book focuses a lot on political change as we see the Rising make their move. There is also a plague, which is at the center of the book. I enjoyed the conclusion, and the message that Condie brought home (but you'll have to read it to know what that message was). You also get to see plenty of Cassia, Ky, and Xander as they all have POV chapters, as well as other characters we've met along the way. All in all I thought this was a good close to a series that stands a cut above so many teen dystopias. I'm so glad I picked up the ARC for Matched so many years ago - it's been a beautiful journey.