Vicious; Or a Superpowered Story of Revenge

VIcious - V.E. Schwab

I've heard this book described as supervillian versus supervillain, which isn't entirely inaccurate, but there's so much more going on within these pages. While the plot revolves in part around individuals with superpowers the heart of the tale is revenge. The story jumps back and forth between the events ten years prior, when Victor and Eli were university roommates, and the present when they are two individuals filled with purpose and powers. Due to the structure you often know where the story is going, yet there are still loads of surprises and revelations to be had as to the whys and the hows.


The pacing in this story is excellent, in part due to the short chapters, and the writing itself is top-notch. The characters are rich, nuanced, and often deliciously twisted. By the end of the book I felt like I knew these people, and I was tense as the pages counted down and their fates came into focus. I left this book throughly satisfied, while simultaneously hoping to revisit this world and these characters again in the future. If a book filled with intrigue, revenge, and anti-heroes appeals to you at all you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.