Requiem: Book 3 of the Delirium Trilogy

Requiem - Lauren Oliver

This book, even this trilogy as a whole, has thrown me for a loop. The story that the trilogy seemed to be telling shifted from book to book, and sadly the series ends with a strong focus on a love triangle and our heroine feeling sorry for herself for the bulk of the pages. It's not the story I expected, and it wasn't the fun sort of surprise. I'm baffled that this is where this series ended up.


There are two POVs in this book, which helped turn pages and keep things moving despite uneven plotting. Throughout most of the book I found myself so turned off by Lena and her story that most of my enjoyment came from Hana's sections. Not only did Hana bring us back into the dystopian world and out of the woods, where Lena's sections take place, but she also brought us the POV of someone who was cured.


Oliver's writing remains well crafted, but in the end this wasn't a satisfying end to a promising series. Heck, the book even ended mid-action with very little resolved. I'm not usually a fan of epilogues but this book would have been well served by one. All in all an uneven series and an uneven book. Sad to say it given how much I've loved some of Lauren Oliver's other books.