Kevin Hearne & Trapped

Trapped - Kevin Hearne

I have to start by saying how much I adore Kevin Hearne. I had the pleasure of going out to drinks with him on his first tour, when he was just starting out, and we really hit it off. Ever since I've made a point to pre-order his books, and hand sell them at my store to urban fantasy buffs. He's the bee's knees, and I consider him a friend. Here is a grainy cell phone picture of us at his latest visit to my store last Monday (7/8/13).



So all of that said, I still can't give this book as glowing a review as I give the author himself.


Trapped felt out of focus to me. The pacing was odd, with action front and back loaded with a long and slow middle. And I was never certain just which story this book was trying to tell. The series has gotten so complex, with so many storylines twisting around, that this book felt like it had ADD. It starts out with one story thread, which it then drops until the very end. Then it moves on to another point of focus, before then skipping back to address a storyline unresolved from a few books back. Add in the fact that Atticus and the gang are switching between locations nearly every five pages and it feels slippery. All in all it makes the mess that is Atticus' life seem interconnected and real, but it also makes for disjointed storytelling.