We Are All Completely Fine: Or Horror Story Survivors Anonymous

We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory

This book is almost five stars for me. I think if it were longer, and had a bit more space to explore, it would be in my stack of favorite books. It's that good. The concept of a therapy group for survivors of supernatural traumas is equally as appealing as it is clever. It asks the question of what exactly happens to all those sole survivors of horror stories, and it has some interesting answers. While there is plot in this book the real meat is in exploring these individuals and uncovering their stories and idiosyncrasies. I would say more, but the fun of this book is unlocking it for yourself, so you'll just have to take my word for it and give it a try. If you're a fan of the horror genre at all there will be something in here for you. It's creepy, interesting, and one of those books that left me thinking about not only this story, but so many that came before, and asking "What happened after The End?"