Low Midnight: Kitty Norville #13

Low Midnight (Kitty Norville) - Carrie Vaughn

If you aren't familiar with the Kitty series don't start with this book - go forth and dig into Kitty and the Midnight Hour. I am going to review Low Midnight with the assumption that anyone reading this review is a fan, and knows the characters involved. Good? Alright, carrying on...

When I heard that Carrie Vaughn was going to give Cormac (and Amelia by extension) his own book I was quite excited, yet part of me was slightly worried that a deeper look into his head might spoil the character for me. It's happened before with other series. After all, he is so guarded and stoic that you the reader have to guess what runs beneath his surface much as Kitty does, and I had strong opinions about what those interior rivers should look like. Turns out Vaughn and I were on the same page. I should have known after reading her short stories that Vaughn is master enough to craft this book in such a way that Cormac is fully fleshed out without ever betraying his taciturn core. Truth be told this might be my favorite Kitty book. I really enjoyed Cormac and Amelia, while Kitty and Ben took a backseat. It was interesting seeing things through his eyes, and if I'm honest I found him an even more compelling POV character than Kitty. Don't get me wrong, I love Kitty, but it was nice for a little while to trade in her pluck for some cynicism. 

This story builds on the continuing storyline for the series, so it wouldn't make the best stand-alone adventure, nor should it really be skipped if you're following the series. My one sadness is that with the announcement the next Kitty book will be the last I doubt we will get more books following Cormac, and there's so much more I'd love to see explored.