Hawkeye #3 - L.A. Woman

Hawkeye, Vol. 3: L.A. Woman - Javier Pulido, Matt Fraction, Annie Wu

I'll admit it - I was a bit disappointed when I heard the third Hawkeye collection was going to focus solely on the adventures of Kate Bishop. How can you have Hawkeye without Clint Barton in the mix? As it turns out through Fraction's writing I now feel like I know Kate a lot better, and I dare say I even like her. This collection contains a fairly complete storyline following Kate's solo adventures in Los Angeles. Wu's art style suits both Kate and the setting, and the stories felt distinctly west coast. Overall this was a fun departure from following Clint through New York. I'm looking forward to the fourth collection which will fill in the time Kate was gone, but I am also now excited to see her and Clint reunited and kicking butt together in future issues. Kudos, Fraction, on making me a Kate Bishop fan.